TON token ICO presale is ongoing!

Currently sold: 12,540,000 GRAM tokens

14,000,000 TON
total amount


Current token price 1 TON = 0.000293 BTC

0.000293 Bitcoin   0.009 Ethereum   4.42 Ripple   1.45 Tether


Presale will end in:

About Telegram Open Network

GRAM is the representative cryptocurrency built on the TON Blockchain.
All Telegram users will get a personal TON wallet, which will make GRAM the world’s most widely adopted and used cryptocurrency to date. TON will accommodate millions of users easily, as well as thousands of decentralized applications, providing convenient payment channels and ways to transfer value in just milliseconds.

GRAM token closed sale raised over $1.7 billion from top-notch investors around the world. You can now join them and buy gram tokens during this open gram presale.

Robust Infrastructure of the Telegram



Easily handles millions of transactions due to the latest implementation of Multi-Blockchain Architecture.



Using a smart routing system and Hypercube Routing, TON can quickly exchange data between each node.



It takes just under a millisecond to transfer value between TON nodes.


Flexible and Efficient

Since each block in a chain can become a blockchain on its own and by using Proccesing Nodes to do only useful work, the structure of TON becomes immensely flexible.

Our Team

Made by industry-leading professionals.

Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov

Founder - CEO

Russian entrepreneur, philanthropist and internet freedom fighter, Pavel Valeryevich Durov is a best known for being the founder of the social network site VK, and later the Telegram Messenger. His motto is - "making the life more enjoyable for everyone".

Nikolay Durov

Nikolai Durov

Co-Founder - CTO

The elder brother of Pavel Durov, programmer, mathematician and a PhD., Nikolai Valeryevich Durov founded the social networking site VK and later Telegram (both - together with his brother). Has an extensive background in Computer Science from IST and MIT, and joins Telegram Open Network as CTO.

Markus Ra

Markus Ra


Master of Business Association, Markus joined the team from the early days of Vk and has been irreplaceable member since then. He works as a Public Relations Director at Telegram and handles all incoming communications with various members of the media, government, and public. Extensive experience he got during his early career allows him to create and uphold a positive public image of the messenger.

Lucas Pernas-Valles

Lucas Pernas-Valles


Having worked at several startups in the past, including the Telegram Messenger, Lucas has always been leading his team to build the best product possible. He is in charge of the day-to-day administration and operation of the TON network.


April 2018
Project concept
is created
May 2018
Platform development
is started
September 2018
Token model
is approved
October 2018
Closed platform
testing began
November 2018
Closed testing
of TON Token
January 2019
Closed Pre-ICO
September - November 2019
Token Presale
December 2019
Tokens Withdrawal
and Exchange Listings
January 2020
Telegram Open Network Testing
March 2020
Telegram GRAM support integration
April 2020
TON release to Telegram users
July 2020
Implementation of Smart Contracts

Gram: Why You Should Buy Telegram's New Token?

Today, there are various cryptocurrencies out there, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and many others. All of them are trying to get the mass adoption right but they can't achieve these goals due to some limitations they face in their journey. That's why there's a burning need for a completely new cryptocurrency.
Telegram’s Gram might just be this paradigm shift we all need to see, making many users willing to buy the token during its ICO. The TON ICO is currently ongoing with Gram presale grabbing a lot of attention among crypto enthusiasts. And here's 3 major reasons why this is the case.

#1 Scalability

We all know that Bitcoin and Ethereum have to deal with huge problems in terms of the number of transactions they can process each second. But Telegram's Gram is completely different.
Thanks to the use of multiple blockchains, validators within the network approve all transactions at astonishingly high speeds. But, as compared to other similar projects currently on the market, Gram will assure superb Byzantine Fault Tolerance, while also enabling the system to build on top of incorrect blocks and self-heal subsequently, avoiding the forks like in BTC and ETH. This is a strong enough reasons to convince almost anyone to buy Gram while it’s still low.

#2 Network effect

Without the critical mass of users loyal to the project, no cryptocurrency can set claims to the mass adoption.
And Gram has what it needs in this regard. Telegram boasts 200+ million in monthly active users. Following the integration between TON and Telegram, each user will become a happy owner of an integrated wallet where grams are going to stored. And now all of them will be clamoring to buy some Gram and pay with it for services and products within the ecosystem. This might be get huge very fast!

#3 Confidentiality and security

Though BTC and ETH have been much more confidential and privacy-focused than standard options like Visa, bank transfers and institutional-grade payments systems, they suffer from a big problem in their architectures. They don't readily enable a user to integrate a chat, native apps and the payment capabilities together, at the same place.
With Gram, it's going to be pretty easy to do. Any user will be able to communicate with customers and contractors around the globe, winning from the utmost security and protection for all of their communications. Meanwhile, they will also be able to buy Gram right here and use their wallets to store the tokens. All deals between users will be done via the off-chain system similar to the Bitcoin's Lightning Network with low fees and instantaneous execution time.
As you can see, Gram is well positioned to become a strong competitor to more centralized alternatives like Facebook's Libra. Don't miss your chance and buy Gram tokens right now at
We are convinced that Gram will continue growing for years, making you ask yourself many times "Why didn't I buy Gram during its ICO in September 2019"? All of the above factors will come together delivering lots of attention from both retail and institutional investors, buying Telegram’s Gram at almost any price available at the market.